Friendship House, Hanoi

May 15, 2017

We have received this update from our partners, GMT…

“GMT team in Hanoi wants to thank all those who are faithfully sponsoring the 60 children living in Friendship House since its existence in 1997. This year 2016 calls for us to rejoice with 3 young couples who left Friendship House after their graduation from college, are now married and have good careers.

The current 60 children ages 5-18 are enjoying the upgrade of the Friendship House facilities as GMT received some funding to provide better quality of living quarters with new bathrooms, playgrounds, murals etc.

This year once again the children did a great performance at the Cultural Performance Festival as they won 3 awards for best performance with their dancing.

We recently have two new Vietnamese staff who are helping them with their school work and the children are encouraged to study hard.

Thank you!”

As always, thank you for your support to enable this work to continue.


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