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To be completed by the group leader or main contact for group or school.

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I have read and understood these safety guidelines and will ensure that I, and those taking part, will abide by them before, during and after the challenge.


Safety Guidelines

Please take a few moments to read the simple, but very important, step by step safety guidelines below BEFORE starting the challenge.  When you have done this and you are 100% happy, please complete the details above and tick the box to say you have read and understood it.  Once you have submitted the form we will email you the pack which contains everything you need, it’s as easy as that!


Where should the challenge take place?

  • In a cool (NOT heated) environment.
  • A dry, safe, outside area would be ideal; ensure that the area is away from paths, roads etc.
  • Make sure the area is clear and level with no objects to bump into, trip over etc.
  • If the challenge is to be completed indoors, please assess (check) the areas for fire hazards, breakable items etc.


How to complete the challenge safely

  • Participants MUST NOT cover their face – they must be able to see, breathe and hear at all times.
  • Use baggy, larger sized clothing and ensure that NOTHING restricts breathing or blood flow AT ANY TIME.
  • Participants under the age of 18 are to have a trustworthy and responsible adult present AT ALL TIMES during the challenge to time them and count the layers of clothing. The responsible adult will also assist in helping to remove the extra layers IMMEDIATELY in the event that the participant shows signs, or indicates that they are too hot or uncomfortable.
  • Participants should keep their clothes tidy to minimize trip hazards.


Before, during and after the challenge

  • If participants have any pre-existing health issues, they should consult their GP before completing the challenge.
  • Ensure participants are hydrated. It may be a good idea to have a bottle of water on hand.
  • Please ensure participants rest for at least 5 minutes after the challenge.


 Additional Information


Please note: Operation Orphan does not accept any liability for accidents and/or injuries that occur as a result of completing this challenge.