The 2015 earthquakes left thousands of families across Nepal homeless and traumatised. Immediately after the first earthquake the charity engaged in helping 200 families keep their children safe and healthy by providing food and warm clothing. In preparation for the intense rains of the monsoon season £3000 was provided to purchase corrugated metal sheets for 30 families to build sturdy temporary shelters. The double impact of this investment means that not only will these sheets provide an appropriate short term solution but they will also empower the family to rebuild their new permanent home.

In developing our crisis intervention response, the charity has committed to supporting Anita, who lost her mother and sister in the earthquake. Her father, who was working in Qatar, has returned to Nepal and faces an uncertain economic future. The charity has empowered our partners to ensure Anita is able to attend school, receive regular support sessions to process her incredible loss and meet any other essential needs she may face.  Since the earthquake our partners in Nepal have discovered more children who have been orphaned by the earthquake. These children are not living in Kathmandu, but their parents lost their lives in the city when the earthquake struck.  Through a network of churches we are supporting these children enabling them to return to school.