Eastern & Central Europe

Through Keep a Child Warm we have distributed coats and warm winter clothing to thousands of orphans and impoverished children living in Eastern and Central Europe. The social fabric in many areas of Europe, is strained.  Parents are working multiple jobs to support their families and, come winter, still have to choose between heating their home or feeding their family. 

Our clothing distributions have alleviated this pressure for many, making it possible for their little ones stay to warm in these freezing winter months, which can plummet as low as -30°C. Working through wonderful partners and social services, we have been able to get clothing to the neediest of children.

The orphanages and children’s homes we support through Keep a Child Warm are always extremely grateful for this simple act of kindness. It makes a massive difference, not just to the warmth of the children throughout winter, but to their identity and self-worth. They appreciate knowing that there are people in the world who have thought about them and are willing to show kindness – it speaks volumes.

Since this project started in 2012, we have visited needy areas in; Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Transylvania, Slovakia, Moldova and Ukraine. It’s important that we are personally involved in giving these coats to the children as this is one way of ensuring aid reaches the children for whom it was intended.  We have two Global Expeditions in October – click here to apply to a team.

This year the focus for Keep a Child Warm will be Ukraine, Moldova and Hungary.  Due to the war in Ukraine thousands of children have been left orphaned.  We are partnering with Circle of Friends, visiting some of the state run orphanages, distributing aid to just over 2000 orphans. In Moldova and Hungary we are working with social services to identify the most needy children in children’s homes and in the communities.