UK: Forget-Me-Notts

Forget-Me-Notts is our first UK based project.  The project began by providing chocolates at Christmas and Easter for children who are either in or known to the care system.  For many of these children this will be the only gift they receive.  We know that many, if not all, of these children will be only too familiar with rejection and an inconsistent, if not absent reminder that they are loved.  We dream of a time when every child will know that they are loved.  For now we are building the stepping stones by reminding them that people are thinking of them and do care about them.  Reports that come back from the carers who give the chocolate out tell us that although it may only seem a small gesture to us, to the children it means a lot more.

This is why the expansion of this work is being managed carefully as we want to provide a measure of consistency in their little lives.  Currently we are committed to providing 1,200 selection boxes at Christmas and Easter Eggs.

The project has also been expanded to include providing Baby Boxes for parents who have nothing in the city of Nottingham.  We are always looking for new ways to tell those living on our doorstep that they are cared for and that they are ceratinly not forgotten.

Email us at if you would like to be a part of this amazing project.