Chilwell School supports orphans in Sierra Leone


Last year when they were new to the school, these pupils learned about Chilwell School’s link with Operation Orphan. They decided to embark on some fundraising activities to support Mrs Smith who was joining the charity’s expedition to Sierra Leone.

One young man presenting the cheque was first to donate his pound and he was proud to have kicked off the fundraising.

The children put in a lot of effort and held various events including coin collections, cake sales and non-uniform days.  They managed to raise £1,200 to go towards the work at Heaven Homes in Sierra Leone, supporting Ebola orphans.

Huge thanks to everyone who made this possible. This money will make 100% impact.  It will be helping us change lives for a brighter future. If you want to join them in supporting the children in Sierra Leone and thousands of other children across the globe click the link below.  If you’ve read this and been inspired to get your school involved please get in touch (