The Challenge 2012

A huge thank you to Tom Taylor, Sarah Davis, Debbie Ducell and the Underwood family (Adrian, Sarah, Abigail, Betty, Anna and Jonathan) for taking part in the Challenge 2012.

Last Saturday we joined about 220 other participants making their way down the Monsal trail, doing either the 4k or 10k course as quickly as they could. I certainly hit the 2k mark and wanted it to be over! We were also joined by other Taylor family members who cheered us on. It would seem that as a group we had employed various sponsorship strategies, everything from using Everyclick online Fundraising pages to face painting! Betty ran the 4k with her face painted as a Zebra! Well done!

I would suggest that the run itself wasn’t really my idea of fun, but once I’d crossed the finish I was glad I did it and the more enthusiastic among us had already begun to plan next year!

Between us we raised well over £600, we are still waiting for the final count.

If it sounds like something you would like to take part in contact me ( and you too can see me go the colour of a tomato!