My pain – their gain!

My name is Jon and over the past decade I have been involved in various projects and initiatives in multiple countries around Eastern Europe.

These projects have all been focused towards children who have had under-privileged upbringings so when I heard about the work which Operation Orphan is doing out in the region I was happy to be involved. It has been a privilege to bring hope to situations where there didn’t seem to be any, times like this stay with you for life. I didn’t however think the first thing I would be doing for Operation Orphan would be waxing my legs!


A friend of Brad and Cyrilyn’s approached me saying that she had heard I was up for doing something to raise some money for Operation Orphan. Kat told me that she was a Beauty Therapist and that she was willing to wax my legs – all I needed to provide were my legs! I considered the potential pain for me and then the lives that the money would impact. I finally agreed to it after coming to the decision that their need was greater than my temporary need for leg hairs!

This August, Holy Trinity Church, Old Hill allowed me the use of their venue to host the event and their support was amazing. Lots of people came along to watch my pain and make some very generous donations to see the man with the smoothest legs in town. Leg waxing isn’t for the faint hearted and my admiration for people who have it done regularly has gone up, they’re no wimps.

It has now been two weeks since the event and the interest in my legs has never been so high. Lots of people ask if they can ‘see them’ or ‘stroke them’. The most worrying point is when I catch myself stroking them. In total the money raised came to £691.93 which is incredible and I would like to thank everyone who encouraged, winced with me, heckled, laughed, sponsored and attended the event. It is nice to know that we raised a lot of money for a worthwhile cause.


All I hope now is that my leg hairs grow back!


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