Better than Windex!

Basically they agreed to give the charity their profit of all products bought through Operation Orphan, and any subsequent orders.

We had our first amount of over £100 come in this month. Amazing, thank you so much guys and thank you to Forever Living who make this kind of help possible.

So to tell you a bit about the productsForever Living products are all made using the plant – aloe vera. This amazing little plant carries in its sap loads of vitamins and minerals as well as many other health benefits. This isn’t really my area of expertise nor do I normally go in for this kind of thing. So I thought rather than copy the blurb from their website, I’m just going to tell you my experience of using the products.

Firstly the Aloe Lips is simply the best chap stick product I have ever used, can’t get enough of the stuff, and unlike other products it doesn’t seem to make your lips dry and chapped if you happen to not put it on for a day or two.

The second product that I totally love is their straight Aloe Vera Gelly. This can be used for pretty much anything, you know the Windex from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, well this is the real life version – insect bites, sunburn, scalds, cuts – I haven’t actually tried it on spots yet, but I reckon it would be amazing.

Finally, and this is the one that shocked me the most, the Aloe Heat Lotion. It’s a bit like the deep heat product that you can buy, but in my opinion about 500x better cos it actually works. The other day I went for a shot in badminton and totally over stretched (I made the shot, but landed in a crumpled heap after!). Later on, in a lot of pain, I decided to give the Aloe Heat Lotion a go and within 10 minutes of rubbing it on, the heat had seeped in and the pain was totally gone. I like to think of this as the magic one.

So there you have it – if you are reading this thinking that Jess has gone weird, fear not I am still me! I’ve just found a range of products that really do what they say they do, which I think is rare these days. Granted – you’ll have to test them for yourself, so if you would like to find out more or come along to a product launch to see for yourself then get it touch (