Singing for Syrians – Open Mic Event

The team we met in Jordan were a fantastic bunch of dedicated and loving people, who challenged me to see how we can show the Syrians that they are not forgotten.


Irrespective of race or religion I saw the beauty of compassion in action. We met many Syrian families who had fled their country and faced huge obstacles. Their stories were sobering and I returned from the trip wondering how to best respond to what I had seen first-hand.

Back home, as I shared with my church some of what I had witnessed it soon became apparent that people wanted a chance to give to the families we had met. So the idea of an Open Mic event was born. It was astonishing to see how people from Mill Road Baptist and other friends rallied to support the evening. We had a marvellous time full of enthusiastic and talented people ranging from The Youthful UR Actors musical ensemble to the slightly more well-seasoned accordion music of Bob Riddle. With the talent flowing and the church decorated tastefully with bunting, the scene was set for an evening of fun. If variety is the spice of life, then indeed we were spoiled for spice!!

There was toe-tapping rhythms from the Folk Group from WMPAT (Wellingborough Music and Performing Arts Trust) contrasted with our very own Lavender Quartet!! To rock the evening up we had some audience participation spurred by our youth workers rendition of a Beatles number!! The Rock Musical trio; Sam, Luke and Joseph, shook us out of our seats! The list goes on with the Sign Language Group and a couple of angelic solos inspiring folk to donate generously to the work of Operation Orphan. We had a brilliant bunch of people who provided refreshments, and an amazing MC to help the evening flow. I also shared a song and some stories from the families we had met.

We raised a staggering £550 for the worthwhile work of Operation Orphan’s Syrian Crisis Relief. I was also encouraged to know that we also raised awareness of the hardships that Syrian refugees are facing. We had a fantastic evening bringing people together and having fun, and at the same time impacting lives in Jordan amongst the Syrian families who need to know they are not forgotten!