Miss Universe and the USA

I am excited to be writing a little bit about our recent developments as we continue to grow our charity’s support base.

This month, Brad Moore (MD) has been to the USA to open a bank account, meaning we can now apply to be a charity in The States. This has been a long time in our hearts and is a strategic step in our growth and development. We hope more people will get behind our work and help us to support even more orphans and vulnerable children! We would also like to expand our Global Expeditions to America, taking teams of people from USA to Europe and Africa.

The beautiful Camilla Hansson (AKA Miss Sweden) is currently in Miami taking part in the Miss Universe competition, she mentions Operation Orphan in her video HERE. We are really happy to have had the privilege in working with her and wish her all the very best with the competition! #CamillaHansson #KeepAChildWarm #MissUniverse

Thanks, Cyrilyn

USAHeather Sharp