Wayne Bonny is a lovely gentleman who got in touch with us after seeing us on the BBC news.

His plan was to head to Romania and offer his skills and time to help orphans, particularly teenagers who require skills and opportunities for future work and employment. Wayne has done a great deal to help people – he has lived a selfless life, not focused on material possessions but instead, using his time to benefit others – he is a real inspiration to me. When we met, I was overwhelmed by his unassuming nature and humility.

Wayne came to us with a simple request for clothing to help some desperately poor children in Dorohoi. We were able to meet this request thanks to the generous donations we received in this year’s keep a Child Warm campaign.

Weeks later his car (and trailer) was loaded up with coats, blankets and other clothing. We waved him off as he set off (with is dogs for company) on his long journey to Romania. He has arrived safely and has been offered an opportunity as a house parent. He has been busy building relationships at the orphanage and cutting wood to give out for the winter. Winters here are extremely cold and children are often inadequately dressed for such conditions. I am happy that we were able to send warm coats and much needed aid as I know this simple act of kindness will make a BIG DIFFERENCE to the quality of their lives through these winter months. Shortly after arriving in Romania, Wayne and the Director of the orphan project himself got in touch to confirm the children had received their warm clothing and blankets and were very happy for this help.