We had a Ball!

The amazing Fiona Flack and her team (of equally amazing people) did an AMAZING job of organising the Danbro Winter Ball.

What a beautiful evening it was, with every detail well thought through and a compare with super-powers for getting people onto the dance floor and parting with their cash!

It was a fabulous and fun time with people representing various Lancashire businesses, invited guests and those we are connected to from around the country. Many people travelled to celebrate with us and for some it was a welcome reunion from a Global Expedition.

Danbro is the company who underwrites the charity’s core UK admin costs, making it possible for us to promise 100% of donations will be used to actually help the children! Damian Broughton (CEO/MD) gave a heartfelt speech, fully endorsing Operation Orphan to those who attended and Brad and myself followed with a few words to introduce how the charity works. Brad used this opportunity to state our intention to enter the next stage in our development – crisis intervention. As we all know, the world is an ever-changing place and as time continues, we see an increased number of natural disasters, as well of those that are man-made! I can’t help but think that if I was involved in such crisis, I would hope that someone’s act of kindness would help me or those I love. If something happened to me and my own children were left in a vulnerable situation, what would become of them? Would they be safe? Or would they, like many other vulnerable children be trafficked.  I certainly wouldn’t want my own children to suffer at the hands of merciless evil and so I feel it’s my duty to step in to help other innocent young lives.

The event itself was a storming success, raising a grand total of £9,452.00

I would like to personally thank Fiona and her team for all their hard work in organising this incredible event and say thank you to those of you who came along and/or supported in any way.  Please follow the link to the photos – I hope you enjoy looking at them!


FundraisingHeather Sharp