20ft of aid for Syrian Refugees

Yesterday we spent 3 hours loading up the 20ft container for the Syrian Refugee families.

This was the final stage for us before it makes its journey to Jordan. The Operation Orphan Staff were joined by Steve (the lorry driver), Jordan, Bethan, Lowri and Elis to load the 272 boxes in the rain! Sarah from the Sandwich Bank very kindly provided some sustenance in the form of cake and everyone around was very patient with us while we loaded the lorry which was a little in the way!


Last year we simply sent what we had, this year we have been a little more strategic in finding out the greatest needs and trying to send these. A large proportion of the load is warm clothes for both children and adults. Much of this was collected by our friend Shiraz in Newcastle who organised a collection among his colleagues at Lloyds Bank. There were also clothes collected by Beth in Nottingham just from among her friends and colleagues and Sharon in Norfolk.

There was also a great deal of bedding, which is greatly needed including beautiful knitted blankets from our faithful knitters all over the country. Joyce and the Knit and Natter ladies at Basford sent in mittens, blankets and even a whole load of brand new baby grows! Claire and her mother, Maureen have sent in a huge amount of knitting, we wonder if they get a chance to do much else! Kate and her loving hands ladies as always have knitted a mountain of lovely warm items, some of which have gone to Jordan and some which we will send to Moldova later in the year. We also packed up sleeping bags, duvets and curtains. Having visited in January last year it is evident that all these things will be gratefully received.

Another huge proportion of the load was nappies. Thanks to Heather’s research we discovered where to buy the cheapest nappies and loaded a grand total of 21,348 nappies of varying sizes. As well as a large amount (138 kg!!) of very useful toiletries donated by children, parents and staff at St Joseph’s RC Primary School and Fairoak Nursery School in Newport.

We are so grateful to everyone who has donated, got involved sorting, and spreading the word about what we are doing. Together we are making the lives of these beautiful people a little easier as they continue to live in uncertain times.