Ain’t No Stopping Us Now….

These guys are doing an AMAZING job and there’s just no stopping them!

The first home for Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone is well underway and as you can see from the pictures we received today, the local builders are doing a great job and not wasting any time.

april - build 7.jpg

We are so excited to be supporting this wonderful project and cannot wait to see this place finished and the children, moving into their new (permanent) home. Many of the house parents are adults who have lost loved ones to Ebola. They now have a sense of purpose, having found refuge and an opportunity to parent children who have experienced the same level of grief as themselves.


When this building is complete and school can resume, these children will not only have a safe place to live, but a chance of an education and hope for a brighter future. We have many people helping to make sure of this through our Keep a Child sponsorship scheme.


Thank you for reading and for your support,

Cyrilyn Moore