Golden Opportunity for Fundraising!

Congratulations to Clive and Jan who will be celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary in August.

Along with their daughter, Jo, they are marking this milestone by organising a number of events and personal challenges to raise money towards the construction of a home in Sierra Leone which will provide a caring home, healthcare and education for up to 10 orphans who have lost their families in the Ebola crisis. 


Clive and Jo have taken the plunge and committed to a sponsored slim for 3 months from 1st May 2015.  Their target is to shed a minimum of 2 stone (Clive) and 1.5 stone (Jo) by 1st August 2015.  They have now already exceeded their targets and the monies raised to date for this weight-loss campaign have exceeded £3,800 with hopefully more donations to come.  Raising £1s by losing unwanted lbs – a win win all round!

Jo, along with her husband Shaun, will also be hosting a Charity Gig in Accrington with various bands playing plus a Charity Quiz night in Manchester and they are hoping to raise a good sum of money from the combined events.  They have set up their own fundraising website at

We hope the family have a great time celebrating 50 years of marriage and raising an amazing amount of money at the same time.  Clive and Jan have additionally asked guests of their anniversary party not to bring presents, but to give donations instead.  We are so grateful for their generosity.