Nottingham to Nepal

Since the first devastating earthquake hit Nepal in April 2015, we have been working hard at responding to the crisis.

Following Brad’s initial trip in May, we will be sending a Global Expedition team out in the Autumn to help the Nepali people prepare for winter.  These people are not only in desperate need of aid, but also extra pairs of willing hands to help rebuild their homes and their lives.

We would like to thank the people who have helped us to provide the aid that will be distributed during this trip.  The Rotary Club in Brynmawr provided Lifestraws for 200 families plus 100 individuals.  LifeStraw® is a portable water filter that effectively removes all bacteria and parasites responsible for causing common diarrhoeal diseases.  Blue Max Banner have continued to provide us with brand new clothing and local company Player Layer have made a donation of 4 pallets of base-layers which are made from a special fabric that regulates body temperature in cold conditions.  We were astonished at how many donations came flooding into The Sun following their Knit for Nepal campaign with Loving Hands.  Thank you so very much to all of the knitting groups out there, as well as all of the individuals that donated their beautifully crafted knitting.

Following the donations coming in came the huge task of preparing them for shipment.  An amazing amount of team work and effort in our warehouse, packing week at Chilwell School and additional sorting and packing in London – all came together last week when we saw the last box packed and ready for the 40ft container, shortly heading off to Nepal.

Thank you to you all for making this possible.  If you would like to be part of the trip to Nepal, please get in touch for more details.