Experiencing Work at Operation Orphan

Back in June we had some students from Chilwell School Sixth Form here in the office, completing their work experience.

It was a great opportunity for us to meet and get to know some of the students that would be helping during the Keep a Child Warm Packing Week and for them to gain more of an understanding about what we do and to learn more about the project.

We asked the students to write a few words about their experiences.

“After trying to secure a work experience placement, there was a last minute opportunity for people to volunteer at Operation Orphan. I thought to myself ‘why not?’ and joined up. I have previously done voluntary work for other charities and I thought this week wouldn’t be too different to the others, but how wrong I was.  Here, I was thrown into the very heart of Operation Orphan and gained an insight into what makes it tick. The staff were all very kind and helpful and it was amazing to see how all the little things we did (such as packing blankets away and laminating papers) contributes to a much bigger picture. It was a week that I will never forget, learning new personal strengths I didn’t know I had and working with the team of fellow students with whom I share a much closer bond now, having shared this experience. I would happily go back one day and would wholeheartedly recommend checking Operation Orphan out to learn more about the amazing work they do.”  Cameron

“I approached Operation Orphan for a week of work experience as I saw what a great impact the charity has on millions of lives each year.  I can confidently say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my week here.  The staff are so kind and were clear about what it is they wanted me to do.  I feel like during this week, my skills to work within a group as well as independently have been pushed which has boosted my confidence a lot.  The staff at Operation Orphan made sure that I got the most out of my work experience week.  To make sure of this, on the first day I did mainly practical work in the warehouse, sorting out clothes and boxes to be sent off to children.  I also did office work, working 9-5 in the office.  I fully appreciate that the staff allowed me to work in the office with them as this is most similar to the job I would like to have in the future; a social worker.  I would definitely consider returning to work at Operation Orphan as I am glad that it is for a good cause.  The staff have made me feel comfortable and confident that I am welcome to come back at anytime which I would love to.  Thank you to all the staff at Operation Orphan.  I feel as though I have gotten a lot out of my week with you so a big thank you for guiding me through it.  The work you do is amazing.  A lovely team to work with.”  Sabooha

“I initially discovered Operation Orphan when they came to Chilwell Sixth Form to tell us a little about the organisation because at the sixth form, we were set to help them by taking part in a packing week.  At this point, work experience was drawing very close and so I saw an opportunity and got invited to do work experience here at Operation Orphan.  I didn’t know what to expect but I had a willingness to help and immediately got my chance to meet up with people who were enthusiastic and inviting in their approach, then we were set to work.  We packed and organised bags and boxes to be sent all over the world and we soon took to team work as we started rummaging through clothes.  We were also told about vital view points and I learned many important lessons.  I’ve found this week to be a valuable experience and would be more than willing to help again.”  Lewis

“I discovered Operation Orphan when they came into my college to show us a presentation about how they have managed to help so many people.  I chose Operation Orphan for my work experience because it seemed like a good opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and because it seemed like a worthy cause.  Operation Orphan has taught me the importance of team work, I have found my time here very enjoyable and I would happily volunteer again.  It has been a great experience, thank you!”  Jenna

We are always happy to welcome volunteers and work experience students so if this is something that you would like to do, please get in touch.