The Chance to Choose

These are strategies we want deaf children to learn so they become more independent. 

They ask if they can sit in a different place where they can see the teacher better or request someone to repeat what they said; so they say when they do not understand what to do for homework and can start to make choices between things to do or what they like.  These skills need to be taught from an  early age.

I was greeted by Pretty every morning this week.  “I want a bracelet!”  She would not give up!  Before and after school she came to me each day asking for a bracelet.  I went to the class on Thursday and asked them all to write their names and choose the colour they wanted.  Then I told them I would come back the next day.  When I returned they were all excited to be given a bracelet and they remembered the colour they had ordered.  It was a simple activity but important – so often we forget to give young children, and young deaf children even more so, the chance to choose.  If we don’t do this why are we surprised when they are misled later in life – they may never have had the chance to decide for themselves!


Rebecca Flanagan