New members of the Britsih Empire!

Founders of the accountants for contractors company, Danbro have not only impacted their own community of Lancashire but have also helped numerous other governing bodies, including our own.

We are proud and extremely grateful for their contribution to Operation Orphan. Since incorporating in 2010 , Danbro founders have ensured the charity’s core costs are taken care of – making it possible for us to promise donors that 100% of donations we receive are used to directly benefit the children. Being able to make this statement of integrity is an absolute privilege, as we aware people’s trust in charity has been through a challenging time over recent years. We hope to stand out and reassure donors that when they give to us, their money is making 100% impact. 


We would like to thank Damian Broughton MBE and Helen Broughton MBE for their ongoing support and commitment to helping us change lives for a brighter future.

The Operation Orphan team.

Rebecca Flanagan