Husky Challenge

I had an absolutely amazing time.

We each got 5 dogs, although on a couple of occasions I had an extra one to help me get up some steep hills in the thick snow. My dogs were Ghal (the brown at the front), Aqua (white & black), Leia (all black at the front with Ghal), Astor & August (my 2 boys at the back). The dogs were so strong and really friendly with plenty of cuddles and kisses.  

Luckily it wasn’t too cold, it only went down to -10°C at night. Sleeping in the tents wasn’t too bad, it was only in the morning getting up when the cold really hits you. One night we got to sleep in a log cabin which was like the Ritz and the little shop even had beer which was like a godsend!  On the first night we got to see the northern lights which was superb, sadly though we only saw them on the first night as once we were up in the mountains, it didn’t go dark enough to see them again.  But it was an amazing experience.

The sledding itself was scary as hell, feared for my life every day, especially the day when we had a ‘white out’ and snow storm so I could barely see the person in front!  Over the course of the 6 days I only fell off 6 times (which was the most out of everyone in our group!) and have many bruises and aches to prove it. The rest of the group were brilliant and I feel like I made 5 new friends  (Rebecca, Richard, Matt, Fred, Will) and our Guides PT, Simon, Kirsten and Pulson.

I’d totally recommend this to someone wanting to do something a bit different.  I had a brilliant time, got out of my comfort zone, learnt some new skills and made some great new friends.

If you are interested in doing something new, take a look at the Global Adventure Challenges website.  There are loads of different challenges that you can take on, both in UK and across the globe.  Danielle has managed to raise £750 so far and is still collecting.  Well done Danielle, and a huge thank you to you. Absolutely every penny will be spent on supporting the children through our wonderful projects.