FUN-draising Day at St John the Baptist Primary

On Thursday 31st March, St John the Baptist Primary School, Colwick held a really fun fundraising day to raise money for orphans less fortunate than ourselves. What could be better? Doing good for others AND having an amazing time?

We all started off the day wearing non-uniform. Some of us took the fun to another level by dressing up in national dress! Key Stage 2 dressed up in a ‘Space’ theme to match their topic. We brought in a donation for the privilege.

We have spent weeks searching under sofa cushions, car seats and beds , raiding spare change tubs, and (with permission) Mums’ and Dads’ pockets and purses, to collect as many copper coins as we could.

We collected bucketful’s and succeeded in laying out the coins, end to end all the way around the perimeter white line of our new playground surface! Amazing!

Key Stage 2 all took part in an energetic and exhausting Zumbathon! Poor Miss Dickman led the Zumba sessions all day! We were all rather sweaty and had to make sure we rehydrated with loads of water.

At break time, we had a scrumptious cake sale! The amount of amazing homemade and bought cakes was unbelievable! We had so many, we had to repeat the sale at afternoon break! Good job we did enough exercise to burn off the calories.

Each Key Stage 2 class decided on a challenging sponsored activity to do to raise as much money as possible from the family, friends and the local community.

Class 3 held a sponsored loom band challenge which involved working together as a team to make the longest loom band possible!

Measuring the length of what must have been close to a record breaking loom band, revealed that in just 60 minutes, a  55 metre long chain had been created! Pretty impressive!

Class 4 wanted to really challenge themselves; not being the quietest bunch, they decided to face the almost impossible: a sponsored silence. They did amazingly and raised money for every minute they managed to remain silent for, many lasting up to 100 minutes! They even managed to stay quiet during break time. That certainly took some will power!

Class 5 and 6 wanted to test their fitness to the limit and were sponsored to walk, skip, hop or run around the playing field as many times as possible in one hour. They recorded each lap in a table as they went round.

The effort that was put into this sporting event was exceptional, with sounds of ‘I need to try to do just one more lap to help the orphans’ being blurted out as they passed. Mr Collins joined in and managed most laps out of everyone! He is very fit from riding his bike to and from school every day!

We had an amazing day! The atmosphere in school was electric and everyone went home buzzing with the great feeling that they had had a great time, whilst striving to help others. After the charity day, the sponsor money kept flooding in…

Eventually, we were able to calculate our final total! On starting planning this event, we hoped to raise £250 to donate to Operation Orphan. Did we manage it? We certainly did! In fact, we completely smashed our target and raised a grand total of:


Well done everyone at St John’s and thank you to all the motivation and support from the team at Operation Orphan!

Katrina Bewick