Team Building in the Warehouse


A big thanks to Russell Scanlan who have selected Operation Orphan as their charity of the year which is such great news.

As well as giving financially these guys decided to donate their time to help us in the warehouse. Thanks to Banner and Player Layer in particular, at the moment we have vast quantities of in-kind donations to sort through so having extra help from these teams has come at a perfect time. Thankfully, the teams really enjoyed the experience and said they felt a lot of satisfaction from volunteering. Win – win!

You can’t have a team day without fish and chips for lunch and our team couldn’t have been happier as it meant chips for us too!

Russell Scanlan sent two teams over two days. I couldn’t possibly say who worked the hardest because I wouldn’t want to add to the friendly rivalry but let’s just say it was a fantastic opportunity to promote teamwork.

The same week we had help from Ikano Bank UK. These guys volunteer throughout the year to help with clothes sorting, Easter egg packing and delivering, lorry loading and all sorts. They also donate financially to our local Forget-Me-Notts project which is a huge blessing. It was brilliant to have all of this help in the same week and helped us to take a HUGE step forward in getting the warehouse organised.

If you know of a company who could use a good team building opportunity, feel free to send them our way… we love teams!