We're moved by the kindness of Beeston Vans


We are so grateful to local Beeston company J&B Autos for supporting us by letting us use their vans!

This will save thousands of pounds throughout the year in van hire charges, meaning that we can use this money elsewhere to keep children warm, safe, healthy and learning through our projects. This is absolutely wonderful news as not only are we saving cash, we are working together to help the children.

In-kind donations can be some of the most powerful ways to help others and we are so thrilled. As our Forget-Me-Notts referral scheme continues to grow, there are more little trips out to deliver beds and furniture to help vulnerable families in our area. Having access to a vehicle when needed means that the whole process is so much more simple, meaning we can turn around referrals in excellent time.

Last week Rob used the van to move bags of sorted donations to another supportive company, Smellie-Savage, who let us use their warehouse space free of charge to store aid from now until packing week. The picture might look like a pile of rubbish bags but these bags are in fact full of aid which has been carefully sorted by lovely volunteers at our Attenborough warehouse. A big shout out to the staff at Smellie-Savage too who stop their work to help us unload the van when we call in with a load. Teamwork is definitely what we are all about. There are so many different people helping in various ways and every single part of the jigsaw puzzle is important as it fits together to make the perfect Operation Orphan picture.

If you’d like to volunteer, or offer help in any other way we’d love to hear from you!

DonationsBrad Moore