This is an easy way for us to explain to you how we are spending your money in strengthening the care structure of the children we support. 
The Keep a Child Sponsorship Scheme encompasses all the projects and groups them under four categories.


Keep a Child Warm

‘Where orphans and vulnerable children face winter conditions, our goal is to provide as many children as possible with adequate clothing and relevant support to withstand and survive the low temperatures.’

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Keep a Child Safe

‘Where children are orphaned through a sudden disaster, natural or manmade, we will do all we can to ensure these children are identified, supported and connected to a safe and loving care structure.’

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Keep a Child Learning

‘We are committed to ensuring children in our care have access to primary, secondary and where possible university and vocational training.’

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Keep a Child Healthy

‘We are committed to ensuring children in our care are fed, have access to basic health care, and are part of a loving and nurturing environment, that looks after both their tangible and intangible needs.’

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Not Convinced?

We look at it like this…what does it cost to take care of a child where we live?  We buy food, pay for heating bills, make sure they are happy, check they have their coat on before leaving the house, celebrate their birthdays, take them to the doctors when they are feeling sick (and buy the medicine so they get better), brush their hair, ensure they are safe and kiss them goodnight.  Our dream is for the children we support to have the care structure around them which delivers the level of care that we would for our own children.  Join us in seeing the dream become reality.