This is an easy way for us to explain to you how we are spending your donations in strengthening the care structure of the children we support.  The Keep a Child Sponsorship Scheme encompasses all the projects and groups them under four categories.

100% of your money is used

Because our admin costs are underwritten by Danbro and our brand and marketing is provided free of charge by The Media Collective, we promise that 100% of your donations go directly to our projects.

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DR Congo - Hebron Home

We are working with project co-ordinators Marie and Donald Kazadi at Hebron Home in the Katanga Region, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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UK - Forget-Me-Notts

Forget-Me-Notts is our first UK based project. The project began by providing chocolates at Christmas and Easter for children who are either in or known to the care system. For many of these children this will be the only gift they receive.

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Jordan - Keep a Child

To date millions of Syrians and Iraqis have fled the conflict by crossing the border into Jordan and other surrounding countries.

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Jamaica - Keep a Child

Project coordinator Veronica is working with her local school, helping vulnerable children to have the chance of an education.

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Nepal - Keep a Child

Operation Orphan began working in Nepal after responding to the Earthquakes of 2015. This was the first deployment of our Crisis Response Team and whilst in country Brad forged a great partnership with a local organisation called the National Mission Commission of Nepal.

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Iraq - Keep a Child

Our project coordinators Sam and Steve Fletcher have established a direct support link to orphaned children living in Northern Iraq.

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Vietnam - Friendship House

Looking after children requires long term commitment. Our partnership with Friendship House continues to empower the local team to raise these children, creating hope for a brighter future.

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Uganda - Pencott Valley School

Operation Orphan are working with our partners at Pencott Valley Primary School in Uganda to provide education for orphans and vulnerable children living in the surrounding slum.

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Zimbabwe - Children of Hope

Throughout Zimbabwe there are countless orphans living with their extended family both in the high density suburbs and in the rural areas.

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Zimbabwe - Hope for Life

There are over 2,000 children living with HIV in Mutare. Many of these children have been born with the disease and are taking ARVs (Antiretrovirals).

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Zimbabwe - Nzeve School for the Deaf

Children who are deaf are assumed to be cursed in local tradition. Many have their tongues cut by the witch doctors to release them from the curse.

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Zimbabwe - Amatelaz

Children who have parents at home are often supported with their homework and generally encouraged to make the most of their learning opportunity.

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Sierra Leone - Heaven Homes

Through our partners in Sierra Leone we are caring for orphan survivors of Ebola, supporting the care structure around them.

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Ghana - King's Village

We are proud to be working with the King's Village, our partners in Northern Ghana. Ann and Terry Carpenter, our Project Coordinators, have been involved with the village for over 10 years and continue to work on our behalf ensuring the support we send is both relevant and effective.

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Antigua and Barbuda - Keep a Child

We were asked if we were responding to the crisis following Hurricane Irma and decided it would be a fantastic learning curve for our Crisis Response development.

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Romania - Keep a Child

Since 2012 we have been supporting children in Romania. We have two partners in the west of the country and are thrilled to be connected to these incredible projects, changing hundreds of lives for a brighter future.

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Moldova - Keep a Child Warm

Through Keep a Child Warm, we have distributed coats and warm winter clothing to thousands of orphans and impoverished children living in the southern region of Cahul.

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Ukraine - Keep a Child Warm

To date we have sent over two shipments of winter clothing that have been distributed to the children in state run orphanages.

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Hungary - Keep a Child Warm

It was in a small village called Tap in western Hungary back in 2011 that Keep a Child Warm first began.

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Rubbish Science

Rubbish Science empowers people. By helping to develop systematic strategies for problem-solving, they are empowered to deal with real issues that impact their lives. Using these new skills with resources that are freely available to them, young people can improve the quality of their lives and communities.

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Not Convinced?

We look at it like this…what does it cost to take care of a child where we live? 

We buy food, pay for heating bills, make sure they are happy, check they have their coat on before leaving the house, celebrate their birthdays, take them to the doctors when they are feeling sick and buy the medicine so they get better, brush their hair, ensure they are safe and kiss them goodnight. 

Our dream is for the children we support to have a care structure around them providing the same level of care that we would for our own children.  Join us in seeing this dream become reality.