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Travel Risk Management Solutions for the Third Sector

“The incredibly detailed risk assessment was beyond our expectations. The level of detail was far above anything we could have put together. It has empowered us; we now have full confidence in taking people out to visit our projects.”

ThirdSec Client


 Providing small to medium sized charities with professional yet affordable travel risk management solutions

Recent global events have transformed the security landscape for international aid workers. Knowing what risks someone could potentially face in this new world and empowering them with the tools to respond should an incident occur is critical.

Events like the shopping hotel attacks in Kenya, the abduction of tourists in Uganda or the increasing number of road travel incidents indicate the need for travel risk management to be addressed by every organisation sending people overseas.

Leaders understand they have a duty of care towards their staff and volunteers and ThirdSEC offers a professional yet affordable option to help address the complex issue of modern international travel. Failure to do what is reasonably practicable to manage risk could result in serious unwanted consequences.

Our team are competent security specialists with decades of combined experience working in the third sector. They guide our clients through the process of establishing a travel risk management solution in each organisation. They review current practises, understand the context of each mission, recommend improvements based on a thorough risk assessment (ISO 31000) and develop a bespoke training module.

Our clients include small charities focused on a single area in a single country or organisations that work in multiple sites across multiple nations. Other clients include churches and church denominations/networks who regularly send teams overseas.

ThirdSEC can also deliver professional pre-expedition training courses, hire out or source specialist emergency equipment and offer long-term support so organisations can understand, adapt and respond to an increasingly changing world.

“The training was an invaluable addition to the risk assessment. I recommend any charity that works abroad has this training as it empowers decision making, strengthens the team that you work with and gives you a real confidence to continue the work you are doing” - ThirdSEC Client


Primary Service

  1. Review of clients current travel activity including recruitment, preparation, journey management and re-entry

  2. Full country and regional risk assessment (ISO 31000)

  3. Full report with proposed risk reduction measures

  4. Plan to improve organisational duty of care for volunteers travelling overseas

  5. Training supplement for existing pre-deployment training

Optional Extras

  1. Pre-deployment training - development and delivery of a comprehensive and bespoke training course designed specifically for your organisation

  2. Specialist emergency equipment hire/purchase

  3. Support contract - monitoring activity in the destination country, providing monthly updates and mitigation recommendations based on current conditions

ThirdSEC Consultants

  1. Brad Moore AFCGI (Security Risk Management Consultant)

  2. Major (Retired) Dave Hearn

  3. Inspector (Retired) Rob Wilson


All advice given is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance
ThirdSEC is a division of Operation Orphan and is covered by the charity’s public liability insurance policy


Free initial 1hr consultation
Quotes based on a case by case basis

Our aim is to make this service affordable to those who are committed to helping the most vulnerable



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