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Travel Risk Management Solutions for the Third Sector


 Providing charities/NGO's with travel risk management solutions

Recent global events have transformed the landscape for international aid workers traveling to help and support vulnerable communities.

Leaders have a duty of care towards their staff and volunteers and in an increasingly unstable global security environment, gone are the days of hoping things will be fine. Not addressing travel risk management because it is difficult or cost prohibitive puts your staff and organisation at greater risk, and could result in prosecution. UK law requires that every organisation does what is reasonably practicable to ensure the safety and wellbeing of those they are responsible for.

ThirdSEC will guide clients through the process of establishing a travel risk management solution in their organisation. Highly experienced and fully insured consultants will review current practises and recommend improvements based on a thorough risk assessment (ISO 31000).

ThirdSEC can also provide long-term support and advise so organisations can adapt and respond to a changing world.


Primary Service

  1. Review of clients current travel activity.

  2. Full country and regional risk assessment (ISO 31000). .

  3. Proposed Journey Management Plan with suggestions to reduce risk.

Optional Extras

  1. Training material for staff and volunteers traveling overseas based on the chosen Journey Management Plan.

  2. Contract to monitor activity in the destination country, providing monthly updates and mitigation recommendations based on current conditions.

ThirdSEC Consultants

  1. Brad Moore AFCGI (SRMC)

  2. Major (Retired) Dave Hearn (USAF)

  3. Inspector (Retired) Rob Wilson


All consultants and advice given is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance.
ThirdSEC is a wholly owned trading subsidiary of Operation Orphan and is covered by the charities public liability insurance policy.


Free initial 1hr consultation
Quotes based on a case by case basis.

Our aim is to make this service affordable to those who are committed to helping the most vulnerable.