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Crisis Response

Identify - Make Safe - Keep Safe


"Where children are orphaned through a sudden disaster, natural or man-made, Operation Orphan will do all we can to ensure these children are identified, made safe and kept safe."


This is the mandate of Operation Orphan's Crisis Response Team. The team of volunteers deploy to large-scale disasters when the affected country requests international assistance, and there is mass loss of life.

We know that during these times orphans are the most vulnerable and they need to be found and cared for quickly. Local services are often over-stretched and severely under-resourced. Sadly the trafficking world often kicks into action and some children who have lost their parents are picked up and never seen again. Our goal is to stop this from occurring by getting to the children first, thus the reason for rapid response!

The Team

Back Row From Left to Right -  Greg  (Security and Child Welfare),  Balazs  (Doctor),  Dave  (Security and Child Welfare),  Tim  (Emergency Care Practitioner),  Ben  (Doctor)  Front Row From Left to Right -  Brad  (Team Leader),  Rebecca  (Child Welfare),  Suze  (Doctor)  Not in Picture -  Kezia  (Children’s Nurse),  Jess  (Child Welfare),  Rob  (Travel and Logistics Consultant)

Back Row From Left to Right - Greg (Security and Child Welfare), Balazs (Doctor), Dave (Security and Child Welfare), Tim (Emergency Care Practitioner), Ben (Doctor)

Front Row From Left to Right - Brad (Team Leader), Rebecca (Child Welfare), Suze (Doctor)

Not in Picture - Kezia (Children’s Nurse), Jess (Child Welfare), Rob (Travel and Logistics Consultant)

The Crisis Response Team (CRT) is the most crucial part of outworking this vision. The team go into potentially dangerous and extreme situations and while we ensure full training and readiness, the nature of the role is unpredictable. With a strong, flexible team who each play to their strengths, we can achieve so much. This is why the right team is critical.

As part of the official international coordinated response the team work with social services to locate, identify and support these children. The ultimate goal is to ensure they are connected to a long term care structure and identify ways Operation Orphan can continue to support them.

The team consists of volunteer doctors, children’s nurses, paramedics, child welfare and security specialists. Every team member passes a stringent selection process and commits to continual professional and team development.

We are delighted to have Alex Hayes (serving UKISAR team member) and Col Nick Makin OBE as independent and voluntary advisors and team selectors.

Our Crisis Response Operatives are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

We are currently recruiting so please scroll down and apply online below or download a paper application form. Successful applicants must complete and pass a three day selection course held in the UK.

Skills required - children social workers, children’s nurses, child psychologists, medical doctors, paramedics, security experts, civil engineers

Crisis Response Team has responded to the following disasters:

Earthquake - Nepal

Mudslide - Sierra Leone

Hurricane Irma - Antigua and Barbuda

Cyclone Idai - Zimbabwe

Below is a video of the teams latest deployment to Zimbabwe.

Rubbish Science white.jpg




Operation Orphan CRT is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to large-scale disasters. The team will deploy only when the affected country calls for international assistance and there is mass loss of life with the high potential for orphaned children.  The mission is to work alongside the coordinated response to identify, make safe and keep safe children orphaned by the disaster. Disasters and accidents can happen at any time and anywhere in the world, often without warning.

Membership of the team requires substantial commitment from individuals (overseas deployments could last up to 14 days).  Whilst the rewards for membership of Operation Orphan CRT are not financial, the professional and personal rewards are vast.

Operation Orphan CRT is currently expanding the team with 4 - 6 operatives deploying at any one time. When a standby order is given, availability will be requested and the final team selected from those able to deploy. Those remaining in the UK will provide critical operational support.


Below are the principle duties of the post.  Inevitably, over time, the nature of an individual’s job may change and existing duties may be lost or others gained. However, this will not change the general character of the duties or the level of responsibility.


  • Acquisition, application and maintenance of specialist skills associated with the role of child safety/welfare in a disaster zone, within a foreign country.

  • To mobilise and attend incidents to provide a specialist capability in the initial assessment of a disaster area.

  • To mobilise and attend incidents to provide a specialist capability in providing physical and psychosocial care for children orphaned by the disaster either directly or in partnership with government, international or local agencies.

  • Provide a flexible approach to work that will require extended periods of operational response in respect of major international disasters (appropriate arrangements to mitigate welfare issues will be implemented).

  • Attend specialist training courses and exercises in accordance with role.

  •  Maintain skills through routine training, both practical and theoretical.

  • Take personal responsibility for the familiarisation and maintenance of skills and identified risks and hazards associated with the role.

  •  Carry out routine care and maintenance of emergency equipment (personal and pooled) to ensure a high state of readiness.

  •  Assist in the completion of site-specific risk assessments.

  • Undertake driving duties and the operation of transport to support mobilisation procedures overseas.

  • Undertake other duties associated with the post of CRT Operative at the discretion of the CRT Director.

  • Actively promote the charity and the team and participate in fundraising for core operational and deployment costs.

  •  Be prepared to make a commitment to be a CRT Operative for a period of no less than 3 years.


Values and Behaviours

  • Encourage and promote the values of Operation Orphan.

  • Comply with the required standards of conduct.

  • Promote the charity by acting with integrity and honesty.

  • Comply with Operation Orphan’s Health & Safety Policy to support a safe working environment.

  • Communicate skills and knowledge to colleagues in order to support the development of their personal and professional competence.

  • Manage the areas of responsibility attached to the post.

Personal Accountability

  • Take responsibility for personal performance by maintaining good standards of physical fitness and health.

  • Agree to a preventive program of inoculation and routine dental inspection.

Applicants are strongly advised to read this form in its entirety before completing it.


The following section relates to the skills and abilities relevant to the role of a CRT Operative.

  • Please EMAIL a recent passport photograph to

  • Answers should be not be more than 200 words for each answer.

  • Applicants should complete all sections.

  • Your answers must provide evidence in support of your claims.

  • If your application is successful, you will be invited to attend a three-day selection course.

  • Successful candidates will be notified within two weeks of the selection course. These candidates will begin their probationary period. Full Operative status will be granted once a candidate has successfully completed an international deployment.

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(Operation Orphan reserves the right to conduct background checks with UK Counter Terrorism units at their discretion)
Research has shown that the following factors listed in boxes 1 – 8 represent key skills for effective performance as a CRT Operative. You are required to carefully consider each of these factors and demonstrate the degree to which you possess that particular skill. It is important to be open and honest with your replies and to remember that no two individuals will possess these skills to the same extent. Answers should be restricted to the space provided and should include relevant examples as evidence. In the final box, give your own reason for wishing to be a CRT Operative.
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PROFESSIONAL REFERENCE - Current or most recent employer
The CRT Director will be contacting your employer to gain a full employers reference from them.
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I confirm that all the information submitted is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and truthful. I also confirm I have never been accused of or convicted of any offences involving children, young people or vulnerable adults. *