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We improve the quality of life for orphans and vulnerable children.


We want to keep children Safe, Warm, Healthy & Learning and work to effect change in a holistic, culturally relevant and sustainable way.

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We work to support children through trusted local partners.

Together we map the existing care structure, understand where this needs to be strengthened and identify any gaps. This forms our ‘Case for Support’ from which we release appropriate resources and skills. By strengthening the children’s care structure and improving their environment the by-product is that each child thrives within their context. Our long term aim is to see our children released into adulthood equipped and empowered to build their lives and make a positive contribution to their community.

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Every penny you donate helps our children

Operation Orphan was founded, and still functions today on a strong corporate partnership with Danbro Accounting, who underwrite 100% of the administrative costs of the charity (around 30% of our budget). Because of this incredible relationship we guarantee that 100% of your donated money goes directly into our project work.


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Thanks to all of our corporate partners for everything that they do. If you want to partner with us then get in touch.