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Our mission is to improve the quality of life for orphans and vulnerable children in a holistic, culturally relevant and sustainable way.

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Our Objectives

To develop a substantial resource of finance, products and professional skill in the following five streams:

  • Sustainable Development – Investing in each child so they have the best chance to live a productive and sustainable adult life. Helping partner projects, communities, families or individuals become as self-sufficient as possible.

  • Education – Ensuring children have access to quality education, both academic and vocational.

  • Health Care – Ensuring children have access to quality health care.

  • Poverty Relief – Meeting the practical needs of families and children who are in crisis.

  • Spiritual and Psychosocial support – responding to the multitude of unseen human needs through direct care and training.

Our Strategy


We deliver our objectives primarily through working closely with key partner organisations.

Where there are gaps in the care structure, we proactively implement new and relevant initiatives.

In areas where orphans are naturally absorbed into extended families we view the community as the orphanage.

In cultures and communities where families cannot or do not look after orphans, we support and if necessary develop quality orphanages that provide a high standard of care.

We raise awareness, advocate for and release the appropriate skills and resources into situations where we encounter vulnerable children, this includes orphans and those living in extreme poverty.

Where children are orphaned through a sudden disaster, natural or manmade, we do all we can to ensure these children are identified, supported and connected to a safe and loving care structure.


Our Values

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We are people-centered

We believe every person is of equal value and is to be treated with dignity, love and respect.

We operate with integrity

Our desire is that our attitudes, work, words and actions will be upright, trustworthy and true. In our pursuit of this we aim to employ best practices in our management and operations, striving for excellence in every step.

We remain open and accountable

We make ourselves approachable and accountable to each other, our supporters, our partners and those we serve.

We are committed

We will give out best, we will work together and we will not give up.

We empower others

We aspire to see everyone reach their full potential by being developed and released to function in their strengths, skills and passions.