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How it all began

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Operation Orphan was founded by Brad and Cyrilyn Moore. It all began after a trip to Uganda in 2003, where they dreamed of establishing a charity that would be fully resourced to help children who have lived through the horror of being orphaned. They also had an audacious desire to be able to say that 100% of all donated money will go to the projects. The reality of this would be realised seven years later.

Prior to this trip, Brad had a life changing encounter in Moldova whilst on an expedition to build an orphanage. He says: “The experience of seeing children, who once had no hope, no love and no support, find a new life broke my heart and sparked the desire to do my part and take up this cause.”

From the age of nine Cyrilyn felt a deep call to do her part in helping orphans and vulnerable children. This sense of purpose influenced many key decisions as she grew up. She has spent many years carrying this burden and waiting for the chance to fully release it. Operation Orphan is becoming the expression of this dream.

After many years of carrying this vision, the charity came to life in February 2010 following a key conversation with friends who agreed to underwrite all UK administration costs. This partnership was the catalyst that birthed Operation Orphan and to date the charity is growing and making a difference in many children’s lives.

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