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Our Amazing Ambassadors 

Our entire organisation has been built on the foundation of good relationships. The way people find out about us is generally because of someone who knows us and is helping us to spread the word. We have formed an official Ambassador role for individuals who strongly believe in our vision and want to help us within their own community. This is a bit more of a commitment than a volunteer and requires people to learn lots about us to represent us wherever possible.

These individuals currently live in various parts of the UK but we are always happy for more people to join the team.

If you’d be interested in promoting the work of Operation Orphan in your community please get in touch to find out more.



We have a wonderful team of people who help guide us as we develop the work of the charity. A diverse team of trusted individuals from various walks of life who all come to the board with their own expertise.  

Helen Broughton MBE - Chair
Damian Broughton MBE - Treasurer
Brad Moore - Secretary
Cyrilyn Moore
Jez Currin
Dave Bignall
Lyn Bignall
Sarah Dickin