Delighted we could help!

A couple of weeks ago we had a phone call from one of the housing contacts we have. They had a family with them who were in desperate need of some help.

Like many in Europe the husband had come to the UK thinking that he would find a better life here. He got a job and then brought his wife and little girl over. Unfortunately he lost his job shortly after and has been unable to find any work, refusing to work cash in hand as he knew this is illegal. The family had got to the point where they could not stay at the hostel and had nowhere else to go.

The phone call I received was from one of the managers there who was desperate to get them some help before they had to leave. If the situation had come to this she would be bound by her duty of care for the child and phone social services who would have taken the little girl away.

The best solution was for the family to return to Poland, however they had no money to do so. We were able to spend a small £240 in getting them a bus ticket and some food for the journey. This means that not only are they back among friends and family, but their little girl is still with her mum and dad – where she belongs.

Whatever your thoughts are politically, we think this is a great outcome – one less little person in the care system and one more family with an opportunity to make a fresh start.

Our message is that no matter who you are, you are not forgotten!