Making a house a home


Sometimes we can assume that it’s always the mother that is left with the children but so many times it is actually Dad.

This story tells of a Dad who separated from his partner due to her drug and alcohol abuse, forcing him to and his three kids to live in one bedroom of his mother's property. Building his family’s life from the foundations he had nothing. The council house he had been given had nothing. Floor were bare, walls need plastering and stairs had nails sticking out of them making it unsafe for his children to move in.

Dad gave up work and spent two weeks working hard to prepare his new family home for his children.

Once the house was prepped we were able to step in and provided the family with cabin beds for the older two and a cot for the baby, as well as many other items to make their rooms feel cosy!

Beds are something that we always get asked for as they are a vital part of many aspects of a child’s life. Feedback from parents illustrate to us this importance as ‘it has really warmed their hearts to know that their children all have their own safe place to sleep.’

Brad Moore