Forget-Me-Notts update

In 2018 Forget-Me-Notts were able to provide practical support to 167 children within 87 families. Already during the three months of 2019 we have been able to reach out to 78 children.

Being able to fulfill this number of referrals is something we could have only imagined last year but with the continuous support from out network and growing staff team we have been able to expands our capacity and boost our resources.

In just a year we have gone from helping 4 children in January 2018 to 40 in January 2019. This is more than just a statistic, these are children's lives . By providing these children with everything from Birthday presents to beds lets them know they are not forgotten.

In some cases providing a child with a bed prevents the likelihood of them being taken into care. A child can be taken into care if they don’t have a bed. However, if a family has no means of getting a bed there is little else they can do.

Similarly at Christmas we smashed our target of 2700 and collected 3940 selection boxes which were delivered across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and some a little further away.

As we approach our second Easter pack we will be collecting and delivering to close to 2000 children known to the care system.

All of these things are possible thanks to the continuous generosity and support we receive from individuals and business partners.

Thank you!