Making our mark

Each week we receive referrals from social workers asking for practical help for vulnerable families right here on our doorstep. The number of referrals is only increasing showing just how great the need is here in the UK.

Without the support from our local community we wouldn’t be able to do what we do so we thought we’d share some of the feedback that we have received over the last six months from families who have been impacted by our help.

Family 1:

Referral from Social worker –

‘Mum fled her ex-partners house with her 4 children after ongoing domestic violence and an incident where he stabbed her. The family recently moved from a woman’s refuge into their own property but have limited furniture of their own. The youngest daughter suffers from epilepsy and is in need of specialist bedding and carpet for the entire house which would cushion her fall a bit more safely should she have a fit.’

‘Family are also in need of a bed as she is currently sleeping on an uncarpeted floor. They also need some storage pieces as the family are currently living out of bags.’

Feedback from Social Worker –

‘I really can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done, your service has really accelerated what would have been a long wait for this family to get the furniture you needed and you’ve gone above and beyond in offering all these additional bits.

If there’s anywhere we can give feedback or nominate you/your team for an award then please let me know as you really deserve it!!’

Feedback from Family –

‘Would just like to say a big thank you for everything you have made such a difference to us. And I know a lovely person on here got my daughter a epilepsy pillow from the bottom of my hart a huge thank you have made such a difference thank you again x.’

Family 2:

Referral from Social Worker –

‘Child has come to reside with mum after living with Dad where she alleges physical abuse. Child has poor mental health and has multiple self-harm episodes. Child currently has no bed and is sharing a room with younger siblings’.

Feedback from Social Worker –

‘Thank you.  The family are over the moon with the bed!’

Family 3:

Referral from Social Worker –

‘Single mother who has recently secured accommodation with a housing association for herself and her 4 month old baby. She has had a turbulent past with a violent relationship, mental health difficulties and social care involvement with her children but we hope that this will be a fresh start for her to make changes in her life and aim to set her up for success with a safe and secure furnished home.’

Feedback from Social Worker -

‘I have been in touch with the foster carer of the young lady you delivered the donated goods to on Wednesday. She wanted me to pass on her gratitude to you and the organisation. She spoke of being overwhelmed by your generous donations and the assistance you gave to help move the item in to the property. To this I would like to add my own thanks, without organisations such as yours families would be without essential items and wold suffer real hardship.’