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Hope Alive Tour - Moldova (Sep 2019)

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Inspired by William Wilberforce’s stand against slavery, Operation Orphan is committed to addressing our modern day crisis of child slavery and exploitation.

By identifying and securing the long term support of at risk orphans significantly decreases their vulnerability to be absorbed unnoticed into the dark world of child slavery. This is a real and sinister threat that children in vulnerable communities face. 

"Experience of a lifetime, loved every minute" - Runner from the Hope Alive Tour 2017. Go to the website ( to find out how you can join the 2018 Tour (Filming and editing credit to 8WiredFilms)

The Hope Alive Tour forms an integral part of our strategy to combat this threat. 

  1. It raises awareness of the current crisis.

  2. It raises funds and resources used to support the children.

  3. It creates an opportunity for those wanting to join the fight to directly and practically engage.

As always, every penny raised is used to deliver our response. This includes but is not exclusive to;

  1. Empowering our Crisis Response Team to deploy to major disasters where there is mass loss of life and the country calls for international assistance. The team's mission is to identify, make safe and keep safe children orphaned by the disaster.

  2. Returning to and keeping children in education. This ensures they are known by a wider community and removes a huge financial burden from their carers. It also invests in their future sustainability, security and success.

  3. Providing health care and psychosocial support to help the children deal with the trauma.

  4. Providing long term care for children whose care structure is totally destroyed.

The children we care for are not numbers but family, therefore our support ensures they are empowered to step into adulthood strong and equipped. 

The Hope Alive Tour consists of the following elements:

  1. 7 runners completing a 3 day relay from Hull to Cambridge via Liverpool.  Each city is significant to Wilberforce and slavery in the 1800’s. 

  2. Travel to either Sierra Leone or Moldova

  3. Complete a marathon.

  4. Engage in 3 days of social action in that country, directly helping the children supported by the charity.

If you are a runner then the tour is for you. Each relay leg is between 5-10 miles and the marathon is there for you to attempt. Finishing as a team is the goal, not breaking a world record.

What will it cost?

£1395 (£300 flights + £250 UK element + £845 international element)

How do I apply?

Click the link below to apply for this challenge