Uganda here we come…

Sarah, Angela and Brad are leaving for Uganda on the 31 August for 9 days on a research and development trip to Uganda.

Sarah is a paediatric intensive care nurse who has, for many years, had a dream to use her skills and passions to help children in Africa. Angela is the clinical lead of Nottingham Children’s hospital. She has had vast experience and success in delivering quality health care in the UK as well as advising and developing national health strategies. This trip is a culmination of a series of powerful events and after months of planning, the trip is taking place with the following objectives:

  1. To establish if a permanent mobile clinic response is needed, feasible and cost effective in providing primary healthcare to people too poor or living in areas too remote to access current healthcare services.

  2. To establish a first-hand understanding of the local community and what they would like to see to improve their health.

The team have a full itinerary ranging from spending time with children from communities living in a slum and a rural area to meeting senior health and political figures in the central, east and south west of the country. They are ready and excited to embark on this fact finding trip but are confident they will return with solid evidence to shape a relevant and sustainable health response.

In addition they will be taking over clothes donated by Blue Max Banner to give to the children of Pencott Valley School.