Distribution Trip October 2013

Fresh and ready for action – this is us at the airport!


It’s been a successful time distributing the coats, hats, gloves and scarves in Eastern and Central Europe. We even managed to give shoes and trousers to many of the Orphans at Salonta. This was an added bonus for them which they were not expecting!

The team did an INCREDIBLE job and I would personally like to echo my thanks to EVERYONE who came and participated in the Fun Day at Salonta, Transylvania. The children enjoyed it so much, they have apparently not stopped talking about it ever since. The balloon crafting, face-painting, hair-braiding, bracelet making, duck fishing, bean bag throwing, hoops and skittles went down an absolute treat. Not to mention the endless game of football with the icons Jon and Eric!

It was a dream-come-true to see the children having such a joy-filled time and giving them all winter clothing was the icing on the cake.


The 10 day expedition was also extremely rewarding for all involved. I would like to thank George, Sharon, Chris and Kirsten for actually putting up with me for the whole TEN DAYS! The tiredness and endless travel was all worth it to see the happiness we brought to boys and girls (even some adults). Even though we didn’t speak their language – the one thing we could certainly understand were the smiles on their faces, warming our hearts.


The first few days in Tap were really special to me. It was beautiful to be so warmly welcomed into the community, knowing that our help there has been greatly appreciated by hundreds and hundreds of people. According to the newspaper article in Gyor, over 1000 people received warm winter coats and clothing in this small region. Thanks to Szilvia Farkas (The Mayor) for her hospitality and kindness, we all appreciated our gifts and the delicious Hungarian food.

Now I am home with a mix of emotions to process. It was such a great trip and we saw so much, experienced so many things and left behind gifts of clothing as well as lasting, happy memories.