Mozzie nets for Mbale

As many of you will know Sarah moved out to Mbale, Uganda back in April to assess the area and work out how Operation Orphan might be able to respond to some of the heath issues there.

One of the issues that we have been able to address straight away is the prevention of malaria. While we cannot protect the children from being bitten by malaria carrying mosquitoes all the time, we can do something to limit this. The worst time for bites is during the night. So our aim is to make sure that every child in the slum of Nabigyo is sleeping under a mosquito net.


Sarah was able to buy some nets in Mbale and distribute them to some very grateful families. She used money donated through our Christmas Cards so if you were part of this appeal, thank you. Here is the evidence that you made a difference.

However the story doesn’t finish there. We were thrilled to be contacted by Debbie who had decided that instead of presents for her 50th birthday she would like to receive donations for more mosquito nets. Debbie raised a huge £520 which translates to a huge 105 mosquito nets! This has the potential to change the future of a whole community. Thank you Debbie, from us and from those parents and children in Nabigyo.

If you are reading this a you too would like to be a part of changing a community please get in touch. We are happy to help you out with giving envelopes and anything else you might need. Either call us on 08432 163838 or email me (