Ghana - Overseas project update

Ann and Terry Carpenter (Project Coordinators) are currently in northern Ghana assessing the situation regarding crossing the Volta river in the rainy season.

Prior to their departure it was agreed that the ‘Overseas Project’ would officially begin as over £9000.00 has been secured to date. Michael Scott, Sarah Jones, Dave Bignall and Christian Seear are helping Ann and Terry deliver this project in partnership with Kings Village Ghana.

Ann and Terry sent the following update today.

“We now have the OK from the Chief to put a canoe ambulance on the river – had to ask as he controls all the boats, and we have purchased the wood to start building it. The young man will start after his exams finish at the end of September. We have put together a proposal to present to the district health directorate on Friday am!”

If you would like to know more about this project please click here to watch the case for support video or feel free to email me

I am excited about the ‘Overseas Project’ and believe it will make a significant difference to the children and adults in these remote communities.