Keep a Child Warm - Slovakia

Volunteers have caught the vision of Keep a Child Warm and for the second year running held their own collection of warm clothing.

Liora and Nele have done a fantastic job arranging collections from schools, kindergartens, friends and family and even the American Embassy. Thank you so much to all who donated at BISB, the German and French schools in Bratislava, Funiversity Kindergarten, QSI Bratislava, EISB, the Cambridge school, Bratislava International Church and finally the American Embassy. Thank you for your generosity. All these clothes have been collected from within Slovakia to be distributed exclusively to Slovak impoverished children and orphans.

This week Cyrilyn Moore, Operation Orphan Director, is in Slovakia with Camilla Hansson (Miss Universe Sweden) and her PA, Malin Siljing. They are helping to distribute the clothing to children and families in some of the most needy circumstances in Slovakia. Distributions will include the women’s refuge where the ladies have escaped unsafe situations. These women are in great need of practical help and we are delighted that, with our friends, we can be a part of this.

Rebecca Flanagan