New Shoes for Salonta

Every one of the 92 children had a brand new pair of shoes. And they were so so excited.

I think my favourite comment “Wow, they are real Adidas, not fake!”. Some children jumped up and down with excitement, others jumped to test their new sports shoes. One little girl asked if she could wear her new pink trainers to kindergarten tomorrow and another little boy decided he would put them away so that he would have a new pair of shoes to start school in September (it’s a good job there was half a size growth in this particular pair!).


Friends in Slovakia also donated money for us to buy the children some treats. They were also thrilled to receive these the treat pack for each ‘family’ included a packet of cereal, something that they would never normally have. It reminded me again of all the food and things that we often take for granted.

We also put a little packet of chocolate biscuits inside each pair of shoes. It would seem that children are the same the world over – chocolate is always a winner!

Thank you again to all who donated, the children and their carers were really happy to have a great pair of shoes, and even more touched that they were all brand new.