School Assembly in Gloucester

We suggested to Charlotte that a great way to do a collection of coats is to ask in schools and we provided her with some materials and a video to use. Last week, we received a great email back from Charlotte.


“We did our very first school assembly down here in Gloucestershire last week, and then did the collection on friday, and we had LOTS of coats and warm clothing!

Ellie and Isabelle (my 8 year old and 10 year old daughters) did a nerve racking assembly in front of the whole school, and did a brilliant job. Our head master, Mr Paisley was HUGELY supportive, and I think we did you proud. [We are sure you did!]

I am really proud of the girls, and the school for all of this…. Aren’t people kind?! so much stuff for such a small rural church school as ours.”

Thank you Charlotte, not only for collecting, but also for showing others what is possible even in the smaller communities. If anyone reading this wants to have a go at a collection please get in touch with Heather ( or call on 08432 16 3838).