Behind the scenes of KACW

I am blessed in knowing that what little help I can offer truly makes a difference!

It was amazing work with a group of volunteers dedicated to helping underprivileged children. All the volunteers had great attitudes and were excited to help in any capacity. I totally loved working in such a positive atmosphere.

We all received blue team shirts representing the charity, and together we worked hard in loading up a truck full of warm winter clothing. This was no small feat! We collected over 160 boxes from our storage unit and neatly organized them on the truck. This shipment of boxes will go to children in Moldova, Hungary and Romania. Countries I have never been to, and yet jumped on the opportunity to help make a difference. With this being my first time helping I was amazing at how much work went on behind the scenes of this initiative! Everything from collecting clothing, boxing, labelling and weighing…all set for what we did yesterday. As the truck drove off the site we all sighed in gratitude, knowing that the time we just invested will impact orphans around the world. I am blessed to have taken part of a step in the journey, and I am looking forward to helping in our next event. I hope to see you all there and experience the journey with us! You won’t regret it!!

Heather (Volunteer from USA)

The next event which will raise funds for Keep a Child Warm is #LOVECLOTHES. Click here for more information.

Rebecca Flanagan