Zimbabwe: Deaf Awareness Day

The mission for the Nzeve Deaf Centre this year is to target community leaders in and around the local area.

Raising Funds for Nzeve Deaf Centre

Last week alone we trained 20 police officers, social workers and nurses that are based in gender related violence cases, in sign language.  We are working hard to communicate how important it is for children as young as one to start to learn sign in their pre-school, so that they are able to have a voice.
It’s difficult to change mind-sets of those who question why children so young would need to go to “school”.  Our team are working hard with the toddlers and their care givers to help them to understand why learning language is so important even at this young age.


We will be going out into the community for Deaf Awareness Day to present sign language dramas and stories in the heart of the town.  To do this effectively and make our message clear we are looking for funding for t-shirts and banners.  We are happy to brand our t-shirts with company logos if there are companies out there that would like to sponsor our awareness campaign. 

Education is so important for communities to bring long-lasting change and it is a privilege to see the Nzeve Deaf Centre doing so well.

Please, if this is a project that is close to your heart and you would like to get involved, click the donate button.  We are so excited to see how Deaf Awareness Day will create a longer lasting imprint in our community towards education and more effective communication.

Libby Foster