Boxes Arrived Safely in Ukraine

I am certain from the engaging Facebook feed of #keepachildwarm #teammoldova posts, there will be plenty more stories from Moldova to follow. But I couldn’t wait to get this started with some great news.

Today, I received a precious email from the Ukraine, thanking Operation Orphan for sending aid for the orphans in their care. These people hadn’t requested help. They have simply taken up the cause of caring for these orphaned children who have been affected by war and a hostile environment. They have got on with caring for these children with what they have available to them. Through our relationship with a mutual friend and a set of uncanny circumstances, we decided this year to assist them with warm coats, clothing, shoes/boots and blankets. I couldn’t feel more sure that this has arrived in perfect time for them and that the children will be incredibly blessed by the things we sent. 

Here’s a snippet from her email to me today which brought a tear to my eye (well perhaps more than one tear )

“One more time – thank you and all of your team.

 We have never got such a help,

Can’t stop thanking God for you.”

How lovely to know that we have been able to make such a difference. As always,  I would like to thank all of you who have given to Keep a Child Warm, whether by donating money, clothing, knitting or helping practically in the sorting, packing and shipping phase. This really is a team effort and we are a small cog in an ever growing team of volunteers. For that, I am incredibly grateful.

Thank you,