Fish for Fees

Philip and his wife Margaret never seem to be satisfied by how they are helping the community of Nabigyo.

Philip himself openly admits that most of the micro businesses that they set up are mostly implemented and run by Margaret.

The most recent of these is her fish farm. At the back of their house they have two concrete ‘tanks’. These can hold up to 500 fish each. They have a water container that can be filled with water and produce a steady flow of river water to the fish. The tanks then both have a drainage pipe. This ensures the fish have fresh water. The only other thing they need to grow is food. 


The ‘fingerlings’, tiny fish, are bought at 200 UGX each (that’s about 4 pence). They are fed every day, cleaned out once a month and after 6 months can be dried and or sold fresh to supermarkets at 10,000 UGX each (£2). That’s a pretty good return on investment! 

And what do they do with the money? Margaret is using it to pay the school fees for 2 of the most promising and bright children leaving Pencott for secondary school. By ensuring they go to one of the better secondary school Margaret is giving them the best chance possible of making the most of their education, and … hope for a brighter future.  If you would like to join Margaret and invest into the lives of orphans and vulnerable children please click the donate button below.

Jess and Grant