Community Toilets

Over 5 years ago we asked our partners in Nabigyo, Uganda, how we could help to impact their community. The answer came back – Community Toilets. Pencott Valley Primary School is our main focus in this area.

When the children were at school they had a clean and safe toilet to use, however when they went home the toilets were holes dug in the ground with a piece of wood to stand on.  These toilets could not be kept clean, diseases spread quickly and, as they were further out from the houses, were an incredibly dangerous for young girls to go to.  We set about fundraising to build some safer and cleaner toilets in the community. 

Gradually they have gone up over the years and we now have 5 sets of toilets scattered throughout the community.  During our last visit to Nabigyo in December Philip mentioned the impact that the toilets were having.  Before the toilets were built at least 6 people in the area would die of Cholera every year.  Since the toilets have been built, nobody in Nabigyo has died from Cholera.  The children’s health is also much better and the danger for young girls in the community is reduced with the lockable doors.

Thank you so much to everyone who raised funds for these toilets; Red Rose School, Mulbarton Infant School, Eccleston Primary School, Cop Lane Primary School, Brindle St James’ and Trinity CE/Methodist School.  Thank you for your fundraising efforts. We are thrilled to have been able to make such a difference.

Jess & Grant