So grateful to all of our knitters!

I am aware that I can’t thank each of you personally, but you need to know that we are completely overwhelmed by the support you have shown to Keep a Child Warm over the last four years.

It began with a simple request (to Loving Hands) for blankets during our first distribution and ever since, the blankets, hats, mittens and scarves have not stopped coming!  This year, thanks to the knitting appeal in The Sun Newspaper, we have received more than ever.  This is terrific news, as we are sending lots of aid to Nepal on top of our usual European commitments, and blankets (especially larger sizes) meet a real need here.

As well as people sending in their lovingly produced items, we have some hand delivered and it’s great for us to meet the people behind the knitting!

Kate Gaunt, who represents The Shires Loving Hands group, has been delivering boxes throughout the year as well as many visits from various Knit & Natter groups.

During Packing Week, we had a visit with a very full car from the lovely Janet Beilsten.


Janet organised a Knit for Nepal event on Facebook and ended up with hundreds of lovely items which arrived just in time.  We have also had many bags of donations from the Corsham Knitting and Crocheting Group and Brad was lucky enough to have tea and cake with the lovely ladies!

Whether you have been mentioned personally or not, please be assured that we are grateful for every single person who helps us to Keep a Child Warm by knitting warm hats, scarves, gloves and blankets. 

Our on-going need is for larger sized blankets, and more of the same hats, mittens and scarves.  Feedback from last years distribution was that teenagers take a liking to the darker items, particularly the boys.  So if you are planning to knit for next years appeal, please please could you look out for black, navy or grey wool to produce larger beanies and items for the older boys.  This will help them to feel comfortable and fit in with their peers which I am sure you will agree is really important.

 Thanks again for supporting Keep a Child Warm.